These are exciting times for Revenge FM!

Mike, Pete and Robbie are very pleased to introduce you to our new radio station – Revenge FM. We’ve been working long and hard for the last few months with only one thing in mind – to create your go-to radio station for all your musical needs. We hope you like it! We put lots of thought into how we would cover everybody’s tastes and flavours as well as introducing new and forgotten songs to your musical palette. Like any new adventure we need your help to spread the word about our little station, so please abuse your social media… Tweet about us, share us on Facebook, Instagram us, even smoke signals and carrier pigeon to tell people about our station.

Music is a hugely intricate part of life, it helps mark special occasions and life changing moments. You never forget the first time you first heard “that song”; where you were, who you were with and that feeling it gave you. Here at Revenge FM we hope to help you recapture those wonderful memories and, by playing new, fresh songs, help you create new ones to cherish forever.

Welcome to Revenge FM.

Keep music live

Mike, Pete and Robbie.

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