Unknown Sounds Submissions


Unknown Sounds plays only unsigned and independent bands and solo artists who send us their music!

So if you are in a band or do your own music and want your track to be featured on Unknown Sounds, keep reading to get advice on the best way to do just that. Unknown Sounds has become very popular, receiving hundreds of songs per month, so it may take a while to get a song on the air. But here are some things you can do to speed your song to the airwaves.

Send all and only the things listed here:

  • Name of band/artist.
  • Bio of band/artist and/or interesting facts about the band/artist or songs.
  • Meta-data tagged MP3 of one or two songs. Send the songs you feel best showcase your talents.
  • JPG of band/artist or cover art for songs for promotion.
  • Social media links for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are the social media platforms we use for promotion. If you are not on these platforms please consider joining them.
  • Purchase link for your music (Bandcamp, Amazon, Apple Music) to be posted on the Unknown Sounds Heroes Chart.

Optional but highly suggested as it very much helps with getting your song exposure:

Please email the above to Pete at UnknownSounds dot com

I also suggest you have a listen to the show via the Encore Player.

Also follow the links below to see the promotions we do for our bands/artists and kindly like/follow us and we’ll do the same for you:

I look forward to hearing from you and playing your music on Unknown Sounds.

-Pete Saxer

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