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Andy Howard
Andy Howard

I started out going to gigs way back in the late 1960’s, my first ever gig was Pink Floyd at the Van Dike Club Plymouth in 1969, aged 14 at the time. 

In the early 1970’s I met up with David Bowie and through that meeting ended up I running the Dike Humpers (stage crew) for the Van Dike family concert promoters here in the South West UK. I then went out on the road as a back line roadie meeting up and working with a host of acts from Queen through to the Sex Pistols. 

Thanks to another promoter in Plymouth, I got my first DJ gig in 1975 playing the first hour of rock on a Friday night for “Chris Redding Rock Nite” at Woods Rock Club Plymouth. By early summer 1976 I was getting the vibe about the new sound coming out of London, and around that time I was sent a copy of the Sex Pistols 100 club gig on cassette (oh, I was I still had that cassette!)

I went to Chris Redding asking him to play out some Punk tracks; his response was simple “DON’T HAVE ANY IT’S CRAP SO WHY DON’T YOU DO IT?” And so the infamous Tuesday Handy Razor, morphing late 76 into Handy Andys Punk/ New Wave Session, at Woods was born. I ran the Punk Tuesdays for just under a year DJing /promoting many acts from the “Punk” scene – the BBC has recently run a feature about these nights, on Inside Out South West, where I featured alongside Glen Matlock and Chris Packham.

In late 1977 I was getting bored with all the copyist bands that sprang up across the UK all sounding the same so I left the DJ world to go back on the road as a backline / drum tech for the pub rock band The Tyla Gang. After the tour was over I went back to Woods as the regular Friday Rock Jock, and so I stayed till the day we had Motorhead play – 2 months earlier they had been billed as a punk act but this time it was “New Wave Of British Heavy Metal”. After the gig I was out for a drink with some London friends who pointed me towards this New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene that was just starting to grow. 

So started my dual identity as a NWOBHM and Classic Rock DJ on a Friday and a New Wave/Pop Punk DJ on a Saturday, this lasted until spring 1979 when I took the plunge and started “The Andy Howard Rock Road Show Disco” the South West’s biggest mobile rock show playing on the same bill as Iron Maiden and Def Leppard in venues holding up to 5,000. 

The next step for me was to get on the radio, this was achieved in 1982 on Plymouth Sound FM with the Engineers Rock show take over, later to become The Naked Radio Rock Show. I also worked with London Marquee Club veteran compère Jerry Floyd on the ‘84 Reading Festival as his back up, and covered the festival for KICT stations in the US.

The Rock nights continued, and by 1989 a new venture came about compèring and DJing every surfing event for Headworx UK – the largest having a beach crowd of 25,000 to entertain and keep informed. Through the Headworx show I did a stint on MTV’s Vert Ramp Vans show touring the UK. In the mid-90’s I went into club ownership and ran a string of venues; Club Zoo (Indie Alt club), the first House venue outside of London – The Warehouse (quickly discovering that House music wasn’t my style), The Void Indie /Alt, JFK’s Rock/Metal Fridays, and Indie Saturdays, all aimed at the market not catered for by the main stream venue. I marketed the clubs firmly at the Alt /Rock / Indie and students scenes. This went on until 2002 when I took a break from both clubs and bands and compèring. 

In 2008 I started to promote and DJ once more, and the in 2010 I started Honey For Your Ears – the name stayed till October 2019 when I changed it 21st Century Rock “N” Roll Radio. This is a self driven and self produced show which has been running (on first a Thursday eve and now a Monday from 8pm till 10pm) on Sound Art Radio for the last ten years, mixing up all things Rock – from Punk through Prog, Blues and New Wave of Rock. The show was described as “The Friday Rock Show of Tommy Vance days meets up with John Peel and goes for a drink with Fluff Freeman “ by Mark Goodier when he checked out a show reel of HFYE. The show mixes up local acts with universal acts, interviews and giveaways (all self-sourced), over the years it has built up a strong following not only here in the South West but nationally and beyond. 

Thanks to the show, I am also involved in three major productions for Bourne Leisure at their Butlins Sites supplying DJs and advising of new, under the radar acts, these events brings me closer to both major acts and new talent. As, like many, I had too much time on my hands in the first lockdown I thought and thought about a new show covering all styles of the rock music. I love I demo-ed the show to a various age range and got back a favourable feed back and that’s when “THE ROCK “N” ROLL REWIND RADIO SHOW” was born, a show that l take myself and the audience on a musical trip over the four decades of “ROCK” 1960 – 1999 in all its glorious styles. 

And that brings me right up to date…….

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