Solid Gold Sounds

Presented by Chris Pitchford

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Chris Pitchford
Chris Pitchford

About Chris (what he’ll admit to anyway..)

Since inheriting his sister’s records when he was knee-high to a grasshopper in the 70’s, Chris knew music and communications was the life for him, and the more buttons, levers, switches, faders and general gadgets involved the better, with his first “DJ kit” being a Bush Cassette Recorder and a Bontempi Organ, for his 4th Birthday.

Starting with a modest collection of MFP and K-Tel compilations and a few Beatles 45s mostly more battered than your average cod, he’s never looked back. In the early days it was the joy of spending 85p for this week’s hot single from WH Smith, and still having 15p pocket money left for a small scoop of cola cubes. 

The 80’s was Chris’s “Golden Age” of music. Chris brings his perennial penchant for 70s and 80s music and it’s modern contemporaries to Revenge FM with Solid Gold Sounds, where he is just as happy with forgotten 45s as their well known air-play and chart counterparts, so expect an eclectic and original mix of both on Tuesdays from 6pm – 8pm.

Chris has been a Presenter and Sound Engineer with the East Shropshire Talking Newspaper For The Blind, for the last 31 years, having joined at its inception in 1990 before leaving school.

Chris is married to a published author, and when not busy editing her latest novel, he enjoys landscape photography, and can often be found alongside the dustiest box of vinyl in any remaining record shops, hoping to unearth a hidden gem, or failing that, at the nearest purveyors of unhealthy food !

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