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I was born in Liverpool and grew up in a suburb of Birmingham,, Sutton Coldfield Now live in Loughborough, EastMidlands
For most of my working life, I have worked with cars in one way or another firstly as a mechanic then later as a salesman for both New franchises and Used Sales
Motorsport has been my hobby since my early teens, And I had helped out as a “Weekend Warrior” for a few racing teams
In November of 1994, I was offered a full-time position with a team racing GT cars as an assistant to the Team Manager and responsible for tyre prep and distribution at the track 
On Christmas Eve I flew to Australia for my first race with the team 9 years later after travelling the world with them the team disbanded 
I continue to work in Motorsport as Trackside manager for DW Racing (a TCR saloon car team) and as a Motorsport UK official, and do all publicity work and customer liason for Jade Racing one of the UK’s most successful kart racing teams 
Music-wise I tend to lean towards Americana but have a wide interest in all forms and genres In my opinion there are only 2 kinds of music “There’s Good music and There’s Bad Music”

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