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Audio Ghosts.

‘Audio Ghosts’ is a look into the world of the supernatural and things that go bump in the night.  Revenge FM’s Robbie Burgess disbelieves in ghosts, but thinks he may have seen one a few years ago.  This documentary follows his journey towards answering a question he has asked since that dark and cold night – could it have been ghost?  Are ghosts real?  Follow his investigation listening to professional ghost hunters, psychologists and psychics and come to your own conclusion – are you a believer?


The Us of Uk.

The ‘U.S. of U.K.’ is a look at the demise of country and western clubs in England.  Revenge FM’s Robbie Burgess grew up spending weekends in country and western clubs up and down the country by his award winning musician Father.  After a childhood of watching people dressed in the customary ten gallon hats and guns line dancing, Robbie asks the question – what happened to the once popular country and western clubs?  Did pop music push country and western underground or did it just fall out of fashion?