Kirk Owers

My influence in music started with my family, parents with an ear for a great tune and with an Uncle who has his own band (who later, and still, dj’s at regular club/pub slots).
An older brother that got me into his interests and then finding my own.
My first taste of “DJ’ing” was with a friend whose father had been given salvaged equipment from a well known station.  We were youngsters but we were smart enough to work out the format, thee jingles and even came up with our own show name, recording ro tape… I hope they dont still exist!
At house parties friends and family would always ask me to pick and play the music.
Moving forward a few years, my brother and I lived in Washington DC for 3 years when I was 17-20, and we became involved in an eclectic mix of music, hanging out at most of the live venues and clubs.
With friends in bands and dj’ing it was a fantastic time.
Again forward a few years, add in wife and kids and a day job…
During my normal working hours a friend (who knew of my love of music) asked if I would like to help with the Radio show (Radio Lollipop) at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Eventually I found a couple of hours free and went on with him…. hooked!
Alas I didnt have the time to make this a regular thing, but again forward some years and with a little more time available this same friend was now on MeridianFM in East Grinstead and asked me to join him on his show, which I did.
However the travel time to get to their studios meant it was not sustainable and so I sought out Channel Radio, closer to home.
I joined Channel in March of 2016 and following a discussion with the owners, created my show, The Warp Factor.  A little joke reference to the fact that my name is Kirk and have had the nickname Captain all my life as a result of Star Trek.
The show, I believe, has created a delicately small niche with followers from around the globe. I love discovering new artists with great sounds.
I like to think I am a positive upbeat person in general and want the show to be like that, have the freedom to just enjoy uplifting music and forget about any woes for a few hours.
I intend to extend that same format/feeling to RevengeFM.
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