Robbie Burgess

Robbie can’t remember when his love for music started; “it’s just always been there”. From a young age, Robbie’s Dad would supply him with cassettes, and being a musician himself, took Robbie to a lot of gigs. Over the years, Robbie has been to so many gigs that he can’t remember what his first was.

During the early 2000’s Robbie started his radio career by joining BHR 1287 hospital radio where he honed his presenting skills. Following this, he worked at SAGA Radio where he gained knowledge and experience as well as discovered how a professional station is run. Robbie worked as a club DJ for many years and had great fun interacting with the audience in different venues.

From 2012, Robbie was involved with Channel Radio (Ashford) and helped with the production of shows as well as broadcasting his own show. Working at Channel Radio is where Robbie met Mike, and after discovering they share the same taste and ideas, the two decided to break away and create Revenge FM.

Listen to the last several shows below or to hear more click here.

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