Ian Scott

Ian has been a professional DJ since he was 18 (a long time ago), originally inspired by hip-hop and the new breakthrough of house music in the latter part of the 80s. He spent his formative years playing in dance music clubs around the South East of the UK and Ibiza, with his love for Stax & Motown being reflected in his setlists of soulful house and uplifting vocals. He moved into private functions and weddings in the mid-90s, giving him much more opportunity to play some classic soul nuggets wherever he could. He freely admits that Motown and soul from the 60s & 70s shaped his tastes, and still remain his favourite music to play and listen to (although he also does a cracking 80s Mix Tape Show) Perhaps his proudest moment, however, was supporting US hip-hop legends De La Soul on a comeback gig at the O2 in 2011. And even they use an Otis Redding sample! Ian is also a lifelong Arsenal fan and still plays with Lego.

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