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The Voice Perfect Podcast with Barbara Gillman Podcast. (Body Language) Part 1.

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“Denise Bjorkman describes herself as an evolutionary social scientist and post grad cognitive neuroscience scholar. She has been recognised as a global authority on body language, it’s evolution in time and it’s application in business, politics, the forensic field and our intimate lives. She has consulted in 19 countries to heads of state, law enforcement authorities professional business women, Scotland Yard, the US secret service and presented to more than 70, 000 people on the subject. She has been an opinion leader for the print media and leading television networks including the BBC, SKY, CNN, ITN, and Al Jazeera on current affairs, the behaviour of leaders and major criminal trials. She is publishing a book on her life’s work, which includes body language in Covid times and the inside track of the Oscar Pistorius trial.

The Voice Perfect Podcast

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