Somebody’s Luggage Part 3 by Arthur Locker

todayNovember 22, 2021

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    Somebody's Luggage Part 3 by Arthur Locker

The Story of the Iceberg Shipwreck (Discovered in his Dressing Case) is an exciting and ironic tale of disaster and derring-do on the high seas. Its narrator Monkhouse tells of the sinking of the good ship Golden Dream around Cape Horn after colliding with a massive iceberg.  Cast onto the iceberg, Monkhouse discovers a group of other passengers as they battle to survive, led by quirky Able Seaman Tom White.  How they interact and finally reach land makes for an entertaining exploration of Victorian class issues.

The tale was written by Arthur Locker (1828-1893), an English novelist and journalist. His other fictional works include Sweet Seventeen (1866), Stephen Scudamore the Younger (1871) and notable translations of the works of Victor Hugo.


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