Ashes to Ashford Part 1


Ashes to Ashford is a “quest” story…with a difference.

Instead of a heroic Odysseus, Sir Lancelot or Luke Skywalker, we have Jimmy McIver, a feckless Cockney failure living in 21st Century England.  Having made very little of his existence thus far, Jimmy is given one last chance to “make it big” by a now-deceased old school friend and success story, Roger Soul.

To inherit his earth, McIver must successfully complete four tasks set for him by Roger.  In Part 1, we hear what these challenges are and how Jimmy fares with the first two of them, accompanied by his doughty assistant Spud Murphy – imagine an Irish version of Sancho Panza.

What could possibly go wrong?  Listen in to both parts and see how McIver makes it.


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