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Oscar Lang In-Store Gig

todayAugust 23, 2021

I don’t know if it’s more uncomfortable for an audience if I’m staring at them straight in the eyes while I’m pouring my heart out to them.
Oscar Lang 2021

So it’s my fist gig in just under 18 months, I see a sign on the record shop door that says “Oscar Lang live in store at 1pm”.  I have no idea who Oscar Lang is or what his music sounds like but standing among the records it seemed like a perfect venue for my first gig in a while. With an introduction from Simon the store owner, a tall, long haired smiling Oscar emerges from the tinsel covered back room followed by his two guitar playing band mates Rich Turvey and Daniel Bath. Then they settle in for the next half an hour of acoustic renditions of Oscars compositions and tracks from his debut album “Chew the Scenery”. Oscar sits at the keyboard and sings songs with so much emotion and passion that you would forget you’re standing in a room with anyone else. The intimacy of this gig was perfect for an acoustic treatment of his songs. Sometimes you hear a stripped back song and it’s all about the production and effects on them, but this was not the case with Oscars songs. The more you strip them back the better they are, the sign of a true song writer.   


Unfortunately technical problems reared their heads as the keyboard Oscar was playing stopped playing sounds, but like a true professional Oscar shrugged his shoulders and carried on singing like nothing had happened. Pretty soon there were people standing at the shop door watching the gig. The set included ‘21st Century Hobby’ and as explained by Oscar the pre-break up song to ‘Thank You’. The set was filled with songs which could become instant classics and I’m really excited to hear what Oscar and band come up with next. With lock down being lifted Oscar could be in your town so keep an eye out…you won’t be disappointed.  

I managed to record a quick interview with Oscar outside and it turns out he’s a really nice guy too.

Robbie: Oscar you just played a gig at Creekside Vinyl in Faversham, what’s it like playing in such an intimate place like that? Where the audience is right in front of you and there’s no light and such, is it scary for you or more exciting?

Oscar: It’s alright. I mean I kinda just like to feel the personalities in the room you know? You get more of a vibe. I mean I don’t know if it’s more uncomfortable for an audience if I’m staring at them straight in the eyes while I’m pouring my heart out to them, but yeah it’s really nice and there’s a really homie vibe. 

Robbie: During the show you were talking about writing songs during the pandemic. Was it easier to write during the pandemic or is it better to write on the road and on tour? How did you find that writing experience? 

Oscar: Well I didn’t get much opportunity to write on the road because we didn’t get to do much touring during the pandemic. Actually, that’s one of the things that was quite hard because I was writing a lot of songs that were meant to be performed live and then obviously you couldn’t play live. So I guess it was that difference to be able to see what songs work live like other bands, but yeah we’re excited to get back out there and show the world what we’ve got.

Robbie: I’d love to know about your influences, who influenced your song writing?

Oscar: I have influences from all over. There’s all the little things that influence me, but I think for this record it was the album Blur did in 2014 called ‘The Magic Whip’ that I listened to a whole bunch of times.  That is very acoustic and there’s lots of little sounds in the background and that type of thing.

Robbie: The videos for your songs have a very fun feel to them. Were the Foo Fighters an influence?

Oscar: Oh yeah 100%! I was obsessed with the Foo Fighters and I was really upset I bought tickets to see them and a week later Dave Ghoul broke his leg and they cancelled the gig. But I did get to see them at the Reading festival.

Chew the Scenery

Now available from all good outlets and Oscars website

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Written by: Robbie

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