ELVANA – LIVE 13.12.2019


Atmosphere. Excitement. Sweat. Three words that would describe the continual level of performance this band gives, even after seeing them for the third time.  The name of that band?  Elvana.  When I try to describe the band, it sounds like it’s all made up but the live show is truly a night that any music lover would enjoy.  So who are they? They’re a cover band who has merged Nirvana and Elvis into one.

Backing up, let’s firstly talk about the warm-up band – “Oh My God It’s The Church”. This band were the perfect starter for the evening playing funk and soul infused music. The bands gospel set, and encouragement of the audience to chant “sexy Jesus!” throughout the show made the music engaging as well as interactive.  They were a great live band and definitely on a ‘to watch’ list if they had been a headline band.

And then Elvana walks on stage.  The word has definitely spread about this band; the moment they take the stage, the atmosphere becomes electric.  The band all the way from Disgraceland play a thrilling hour and a half set with a few acoustically played tracks as a nod to Nirvana’s Unplugged in New York album.  The whole evening was filled with classics and at one point the King himself graced us with a visit to the top balcony serenading the crowd below with ‘Suspicious Minds’ to which the crowd went wild.

I left that night sharing my journey home with a tube full of people singing Elvis songs at the top of their voices.  Who couldn’t smile at that?

Elvana are touring throughout the rest of the year.

For more information and tour dates check the official site http://www.elvana.co.uk

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