I’ve been keeping an eye on this band for some time now and I’ve been really looking forward to their London gig. The warm-up band Grave Lines were right when they said they were a “palate cleanser” playing heavier than what I had expected.

Then the Church of the Cosmic Skull entered…
I’ve been listening to The Church of the Cosmic Skull for a while now and really enjoy the diversity and sounds from their albums, but seeing them live was a whole new level.
To the crowds delight the band mixed tracks between their first three albums. Their setlist shows the progression in the bands song writing which is thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. From the latest single release ‘Sorcerers and Saboteurs’ (album ‘Everybody’s Going to Die) to ‘Evil In Your Eye’ (album ‘Is Satan Real?’) the songs hit you straight in your face without even an apology.
At the time of writing this article the band doesn’t have a live album but they definitely need one in order to show the punch they can give live.
In meeting them after the show, I can also account for them being genuinely nice people too.

A definite recommendation – you will not be disappointed.

Keep music live.


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